Starting with SOAP: rapid deployment of contact tracing technologies in a pandemic

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In April 2020, as around the world countries raced to develop ways to contain outbreaks of COVID-19, a cross-disciplinary group of colleagues and I collaborated on a draft evaluation method for digital contact tracing technologies. It does not favour any particular technology solution. It tries to place protections for the privacy and security of citizen data alongside the stated needs of human contact tracers and policy makers, undertaking contact tracing of confirmed positive cases. Contributors to the draft method included epidemiologists, philosophers, legal scholars, computer scientists, anthropologists and policy experts. Its open publication attracted interest in applying and extending the framework it proposed in countries including the UK, Australia and New Zealand. The Australian National University would ultimately adopt it as a guide to evaluating contact tracing technologies proposed for deployment on campus. You can read the original draft on GitHub here.

Ellen Broad

Ellen Broad

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