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I’m a data policy wonk and data tinkerer, who moved back to Australia in September 2016 after working in London, the Hague and Paris.

Until recently I was Head of Policy for the Open Data Institute, an international organisation headquartered in London. I also worked for senior UK government minister Elisabeth Truss as her expert adviser on data. At the moment I’m an Associate for the ODI and a freelance consultant, while doing some post graduate work in data science.

I write about open data, data ethics, privacy and data strategy in various places. Some are linked to from my blog. I’ve been published in the New Scientist, the British Medical Journal, the Royal Statistical Society’s StatsLife, the Australian Centre for Ethics and a range of technology and policy publications.

I’ve spoken at SXSW (US, 2017), OpenTech (UK, 2016), the International Big Data Forum (China, 2016), the World Intellectual Property Organisation SCCR (Switzerland, 2013), the World Internet Governance Forum (Indonesia, 2012), the World Libraries & Information Congress (Helsinki, 2012) and a range of data and tech conferences in between.

I’m on the board of the ACT Writers Centre. I chaired Telefonica’s Data Transparency Lab Policy Taskforce (2015-2016), and am a past member of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Data Governance Board (UK, 2016), the Environment Agency’s Data Advisory Group (2014-2016) and the Australian Government’s Book Industry Collaborative Council expert committee (2012-2013).

I like science fiction films, board games and pop music and I like incorporating these into data-related work wherever I can. I even co-designed a board game about open data with Jeni Tennison that’s been picked up in 19 countries.

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